Unknown to most of the public, Display Marketing is another form of retail, but is a separate industry from conventional retail marketing.

Unlike the "Conventional Marketing" of a store, catalogue, web site, etc. where thousands of different titles are available for the consumer to choose from, Display Marketers will display and sell only a limited number of titles (usually no more than 25 in a cycle) to a mass number of people. This marketing method allows you to sell huge quantities of each item. The Display Marketer will service many markets including schools, child care, corporations and other small businesses, to name a few.

A brief example of how this fantastic system works. The display marketer will visit a school, business, or day care and set up a display (usually in the Faculty Lounge, Break Room, or Library) consisting of about 20 different books and gift items. With that display will also be order forms. The display will remain in the location for one to two weeks, during which time the employees and staff (at their convenience) will look at, read, and order many of the items for their personal or professional use. They will complete the order form and leave a check by the designated day of return for the marketer. The marketer will return, pick up the orders and will fulfill the order right from their vehicle (or on hand inventory). The customer will usually receive their ordered merchandise by the time they are ready to go home for the day.

This is truly a WIN, WIN, WIN formula for everyone. Employees and staff receive top quality books delivered directly to their school or business, at huge discounts of up to 75% (this brings them back time and time again). The school, business or day care receives FREE books for their library or business based on the number of books sold. The Marketer builds a successful route and calls back on this location in about six weeks with an entire NEW collection of items.

Information Sheet

If you are NEW to this business

Most display marketers make about $40,000 to $45,000 during their first year in the business. There is NO LIMIT to what you can make (some marketers have several other people working for them).

We have full training available and you will be guided along the way.

Your inventory would be supplied to you on consignment.

You will however need 5 (Five) things to get started.

  1. A safe and secure storage space to store the products. (A garage or public storage works)
  2. A larger vehicle to transport the displays and products. (SUV, Van, Pickup W/cap or pull behind trailer)
  3. A computer (this is for your weekly accounting of your sales and for inventory transfers)
  4. A strong desire to succeed and to make a lot of money.

Good organization skills are a must as you will have to account for every item we send you (I will teach you how).

If you are currently in this business

Our way of operating this business is quite different than that of other companies selling through the use of Independent Contractors. You have to first understand:


We have NO Independent Contractors ... every one of our "customers" work for themselves.

  • We Do Not ask for your customer list.
  • We Do Not set any selling prices.
  • We Do Not ask for sales ratios.
  • We Do not limit the type of account you can service.
  • We Do not even limit you to a set territory.

All we ask is that you take responsibility for the products we send you, and that we get paid for the them as you make the sales.

All products we send you are on a "GUARANTEED SALE". This means that if you do not sell it, we want it back! We pay for the shipping of the products to you AND we pay for the shipping to return any unsold products! Unless you will be working during the summer, we take back ALL of your product at the end of the school year.

We have enough products continually coming in to send you merchandise as YOU NEED it. There are no set cycles. When you are ready for a cycle change all you have to do is to let us know at least one week in advance. Normally there is about a 65% to 70% gift product mix during the holidays. This allows YOU, our customer, the opportunity to capture the maximum sales at each location.

Paying for the items sold each week is real simple, as we do require weekly cash-outs to be sent to our Ashland office every Monday. All we expect from you is the COST of the products you sold on the preceding week along with the accounting. You keep all of your profit! We DO NOT send commission checks (as there are NO commissions!).

The only real question is: "Do you want to work in this business?" If the answer is YES, there is only one source you should be using ... Gifts 4 You Wholesale.

Which would you prefer?

Sell a book for $10.00, and receive a commission of approximately $2.25, or sell the same book for $10.00, pay Gifts 4 You its cost of $5.50 and keep the $4.50 profit.

Simply complete our Information Sheet or

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